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She’s crafty!



Busy making a boatload of new stuff since I’ve had time this weekend (: this is just my jewelry counter…I’ve got the couch scattered with stuff too. (:


Etsy storefront now open

My etsy shop is up and running. I’ll be adding new things every few days, so check back often.


In case you missed the first link, CLICK HERE or HERE, here, or try this one.

Everything from feather accessories to steampunk to duct tape clothing!

Clover bracelet v2.0

I re-did the bracelet, and I think clover 2.0 looks much better đŸ™‚ Its a tad less chunky, and looks more professional than homemade.

Next craft: a bottlecap necklace like the one from “Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen”.

Clover bracelet

I bought a couple four leaf clover bracelets a while back, and the string they were on broke. I decided that I would try and make a chain-maille  bracelet to put it on.  This is the end result

I think I am going to remove the center links from below the clover piece.  It looks a bit clutter-y right now.