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Knotty Boy Dread Stuff-Review

So, after 4 months of paying someone to dread Toney’s hair we gave up. All she did way put a ton of sticky liquid in his hair and twirl it into a bunch of coils. Needless to say, It hadn’t even started locking, and didn’t look remotely like dreads.

Enter Knotty Boy.
Want to Know the Secret to Wicked Dreads?

We ordered their starter kit, and had it in hand within a week (we are in Texas and they are in Canada). Sat down Satuday and got to work on his head. Now before we go any further, I have to tell you how GOOD this stuff smells! I couldn’t stop sniffing the soap bars, that’s how yummy it is! The kit comes with (funny) instructions on how to dread, and they have instructions on their website as well. I dare you to try and read their site with a straight face 🙂

Anywho, back to dreading.

I have weak wrists, and can’t sit forward for too long at a time so it took me 14 hours (yes I timed it) to do his whole head. I think a normal person could do it in a reasonable time 🙂 Plus the fact that I had to undo what the last lady did to his hair…

I think it looks great!

Another plus to them…they are super responsive! I think the longest they have taken to respond to one of my emails is 2 hours. Much better than other places 🙂

I highly recommend Knotty Boy to EVERYONE who has or wants dreads!


Sanctuary Salon in Dallas review

We’ve been going to Ashe (Ah-shay) for a few months now to get DKs dreads done. She’s pretty inexpensive compared to other places we called around to (we get them done every 2 weeks, $45 each time). Her salon is shaping up very nicely, though I don’t agree with the liquor bar. She’s pretty nice, a little easily distracted..but overall pretty nice. I have no real complaints. The one thing I didn’t like is that DK is very tender-headed and using metal clips under a dryer hurts him a bit more than normal people (But really, metal clips? and a hot dryer for 20-45 minutes?), so she had us go to the store to buy our own plastics clips for when we get his hair done. It was only $16 at the beauty supply store, but I think that is something a salon should have…Anyways, here are a few photos of the salon.