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How to replace the Droid Eris’ broken screen/digitizer

Things you will need:

A spudger or 2, a teeny tiny phillips screwdriver, a teeny tiny torx screw driver, the broken phone, krazy glue, a new screen/digitizer, and patience.

Shut phone off, remove battery cover and take out battery. Remove the 4 T5 screws in each of the corners then separate the back cover. Remove the 4 philips screws from the board.

There are 3 ribbon cables, one on the right side on top of the main board, the second is in between the main board and the copper covering and the third connects the LCD to the main board. GENTLY detach the ribbons (I removed the copper plate to get to one, it’s easier that way).

Once all screws and ribbons removed, take your spudger and slowly peel back the LCD (its stuck with double sided tape.)

Remove all the broken glass from the frame. I covered mine in packing tape so the shards don’t go everywhere, a screen protector would be best for this.

After all the glass has been removed, clean off the double sided tape from the frame. You can carefully use goo gone, I just scraped it off.

Almost there! Now take the krazy glue, and apply it neatly to the frame (in small amounts) where the double sided tape was. Using too much will get it all over the frame and new glass, and that stuff is permanent. Gently and carefully lay your new screen on the frame, be sure to feed the ribbon through the hole (you may want to do that before using the glue). Let dry 3-5 minutes. Follow all the dis-assembly steps in reverse order, and Voila! good as new đŸ™‚

No idea why the last photo smooshed on upload :\


Samsung Captivate vs iPhone 3Gs

Alrighty. So as you may know, I am a bit tech-obsessed. Especially over new phone technology.  I want a phone that can do it all, but lets me choose what I want to do and how to do it. That, for me, is not the iPhone. I can’t change the layout of the screen or icons, I can’t use widgets (apps the constantly run on the screen in place of an icon), I can’t store things straight to the memory like I could a flash drive, the list goes on. Enter the Android OS phones. Simply amazing. The software is open-source for the Android OS. What does this mean for everyday people? It means that developers can use anything (both hardware and software) that the phone is capable of and create the most amazing applications! I’ll post some screen shots of how my phone looks before and after a few free applications, the difference is amazing. Enough about the software, Lets Get to the actual hardware. I took the following specifications from PhoneArena. In my opinion, the iPhone (3Gs for this purpose) has been demolished! ***insert Mortal Kombat theme song here***

iPhone 3Gs

Samsung Captivate

Don't forget your towel!

I couldn’t think of a good title for this post, so I’m just going with a Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy reference. Kinda appropriate since my new phone is a Galaxy S device…get it? (Hint: they both have Galaxy in the title).


Anywho….Life has been pretty boring. Switched from my iPhone to the Android based Samsung Captivate, my headaches have returned thanks to a minor fender-bender, and the birds are behaving.


I’ve been working on a few crafts, and have been piecing together my ultimate Steampunk outfit. Rather than the normal monotone greys/browns you normally see, mine is bright and colorful! Here’s what I have so far (sorry for the bad lighting and crappy photo quality, my good camera is dead):

The green shirt s just an idea, as it is waaaaay to big (it’s Toney’s shirt). The 2 hats I made, and I fixed the 2 skirts together to be one đŸ™‚ Shoes were only $10 at the thrift store! đŸ˜€

To be, or not to be? (Responsible that is)

I looove technology (as if y’all couldn’t tell). My iPhone is great, but there’s just something about the Nexus One that I love. I want it. I don’t need it, but boy oh boy do I want it! The AMOLED display is gorgeous, and the 1GHZ Snapdragon processor is snappy. I really should be responsible and buy the new clothes that I need instead of a new phone, or at the very least wait until the new iPhone is announced in-case I want that…but IT’S SO DANG PRETTY! *Sigh* What’s a geekette to do? Nexus One specs to follow.

Size and weight

Height 119 mm

Width 59.8 mm

Depth 11.5 mm

Weight 130 g (with battery)

100 g (without battery)


3.7 inch (diagonal) widescreen WVGA AMOLED touchscreen

800 x 480 pixels

100,000:1 typical contrast ratio

1ms typical response rate

Camera & Flash

5 megapixels

Autofocus from 6 cm to infinity

2X digital zoom

LED flash

User can include location of photos from phone’s AGPS receiver

Video captured at 720×480 pixels at 20 frames per second or higher, depending on lighting conditions

Cellular & Wireless

3 UMTS bands (either 900/AWS/2100 MHz or 850/1900/2100 MHz)

HSDPA 7.2 Mbps

HSUPA 2 Mbps

GSM/EDGE (850, 900, 1800, 1900 MHz)

Wi-Fi (802.11b/g)

Bluetooth 2.1 + EDR

A2DP stereo Bluetooth

Power and battery

Removable 1400 mAh battery

Charges at 480 mA from USB, at 980 mA from supplied charger

Talk time
Up to 10 hours on 2G
Up to 7 hours on 3G
Standby time
Up to 290 hours on 2G
Up to 250 hours on 3G
Internet use
Up to 5 hours on 3G
Up to 6.5 hours on Wi-Fi
Video playback
Up to 7 hours
Audio playback
Up to 20 hours


Qualcomm QSD 8250 1 GHz

Operating system

Android Mobile Technology Platform 2.1 (Eclair)


512 MB Flash

512 MB RAM

4 GB Micro SD Card (Expandable to 32 GB)


Assisted global positioning system (AGPS) receiver

Cell tower and Wi-Fi positioning

Digital compass