AnimeFest, anyone?

I am so freakin excited for Animefest! I haven’t been blogging much since I started prepping for the convention, but when y’all see photos, trust me…It will be so worth it! I’ve got both Toney and myself ready for 1 day as Steampunks and 1 day as Cyberpunks. Sadly, we will probably only be there for 2 out of 4 days. I swear we have a good reason though! JET SKIING!! Saturday we (along with my cousin Vahn) are renting jet skis for the day, and will be hanging out on the lake having fun and BBQing.

So, in summary: stay tuned for awesome photos of the lake and of great costumes from AnimeFest.


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Steampunck pocketwatch ftw!


Took a month or so to get here from Hong Kong, but so work the wait for only $8 (:

Side note: I’m blogging from my phone, and it auto-corrected “ftw” from “fwt”. I’m so glad my phone knows me (:

Day 11 of waiting on the doctor


Apparently the lady at the front desk there has “no idea what is taking so long, I mean its been 11 days.” So she’s “sending her a note” Who is her? The doctor? Riiight, because that’ll help *sarcasm*. Oh well.

We had the missionaries over this past Friday, and they gave me a blessing of health. I think it helped. On a scale of 1-10 I’m about a 6 rather than an 8 (:

In other news, Zeke was being a stinker and bit my eyebrow ): still hurts… and Izzy is doing good.

Went to a Scarby workshop for the Royal Guard and had a good time seeing everyone. I took some doll photos in the park there (:

Sanctuary Salon in Dallas review

We’ve been going to Ashe (Ah-shay) for a few months now to get DKs dreads done. She’s pretty inexpensive compared to other places we called around to (we get them done every 2 weeks, $45 each time). Her salon is shaping up very nicely, though I don’t agree with the liquor bar. She’s pretty nice, a little easily distracted..but overall pretty nice. I have no real complaints. The one thing I didn’t like is that DK is very tender-headed and using metal clips under a dryer hurts him a bit more than normal people (But really, metal clips? and a hot dryer for 20-45 minutes?), so she had us go to the store to buy our own plastics clips for when we get his hair done. It was only $16 at the beauty supply store, but I think that is something a salon should have…Anyways, here are a few photos of the salon.

Making birdy “Chop”

We made our own version of “chop” after a quick stop at the grocery store.

Finally went to the doctor :)

I really want to know what’s wrong with me. So I went to the doctor yesterday. She drew some blood, and sent it to the lab. Should have results this week…I’m a bit too tired  to blog at the moment, so I’ll update more later.

❤ Heather

Do you collect feathers too?


We collect all our baby’s molted feathers we can.