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She’s crafty!



Busy making a boatload of new stuff since I’ve had time this weekend (: this is just my jewelry counter…I’ve got the couch scattered with stuff too. (:


OOAK Steampunk/Victorian Hat for Sale

Check it out HERE

Don't forget your towel!

I couldn’t think of a good title for this post, so I’m just going with a Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy reference. Kinda appropriate since my new phone is a Galaxy S device…get it? (Hint: they both have Galaxy in the title).


Anywho….Life has been pretty boring. Switched from my iPhone to the Android based Samsung Captivate, my headaches have returned thanks to a minor fender-bender, and the birds are behaving.


I’ve been working on a few crafts, and have been piecing together my ultimate Steampunk outfit. Rather than the normal monotone greys/browns you normally see, mine is bright and colorful! Here’s what I have so far (sorry for the bad lighting and crappy photo quality, my good camera is dead):

The green shirt s just an idea, as it is waaaaay to big (it’s Toney’s shirt). The 2 hats I made, and I fixed the 2 skirts together to be one 🙂 Shoes were only $10 at the thrift store! 😀

Happy Birthday to Me

Yay! I have made it to age 22! A success that many (during high school) said I wouldn’t achieve. I am now the proud owner of an iPhone 3Gs, saw a super cute baby Grey, went jet skiing for the first time ever, saw Avatar: The Last Airbender and Twilight: Eclipse, and was treated to sushi at a hibachi grill. Hibachi is AWESOME!!! Now off for lunch with family 🙂

Duct tape top hat now for sale

Just listed my duct tape top hat for sale on etsy. Click the photo to go to it

Etsy storefront now open

My etsy shop is up and running. I’ll be adding new things every few days, so check back often.


In case you missed the first link, CLICK HERE or HERE, here, or try this one.

Everything from feather accessories to steampunk to duct tape clothing!

Duct Tape Top Hat