I LOVE to dress up in various costumes. If I had it my way, I would have hundreds of them and wear them all day every day. Sadly, I’m not rich and I have to live in the real world 🙂 I love spending time with Zekey-bird and Toney, and hanging out with the few friends I keep in touch with. Other hobbies include: making jewelry and costume accessories, BJD’s (I play with dolls, so what), voiding warranties, and pretty much anything tech. On top of my day job, I am a crafter at Zylear Creations and a blogger at GumballTech

I am the online presence for us both, so any emails, twitters, and facebooks will likely be answered by me 🙂



Not much to tell. My hobbies are going to renaissance festivals, spending time with Heather and Izzy, and playing video/computer games. I’m not online very often thanks to crazy work schedules, so leave a message with Heather and she’ll tell me 🙂