We’ve been going to Ashe (Ah-shay) for a few months now to get DKs dreads done. She’s pretty inexpensive compared to other places we called around to (we get them done every 2 weeks, $45 each time). Her salon is shaping up very nicely, though I don’t agree with the liquor bar. She’s pretty nice, a little easily distracted..but overall pretty nice. I have no real complaints. The one thing I didn’t like is that DK is very tender-headed and using metal clips under a dryer hurts him a bit more than normal people (But really, metal clips? and a hot dryer for 20-45 minutes?), so she had us go to the store to buy our own plastics clips for when we get his hair done. It was only $16 at the beauty supply store, but I think that is something a salon should have…Anyways, here are a few photos of the salon.