I just had a thought.

People who visit my blog (outside of my circle of friends), are probably expecting something totally different.

With a title like MormonDaily people probably expect some sort of in-depth discussions to be going on

…or at the least a profound essay of sorts on Gospel Doctrine.

Well, sorry to dissappoint.

That’s not me.


Sure, I go to church.

I follow the advice of the Prophet.

I do my best to be a good person.

I love to help others.


I’m a geek.

I like to make stuff.

If I could, my hair would be rainbow colors again

(darn you real world)

I have a life outside of church.

That’s the point of this blog.

To show people there is more to being LDS (Mormon) than dressing nice and spending 24/7 at church.

To show y’all that everyone is different.

We can make choices.

I choose to enjoy my life while I’m young.

While I have time.

Without being reckless of course…

(that was in highschool)

And, Mom, I know you’re reading this.

Yes, highschool was a giant party…

But you probably knew that already…

Cuz mommy’s know everything 🙂

And yes, I just called you mom.

I don’t want to put your real name just in case.

<3 Heather