Alrighty. So as you may know, I am a bit tech-obsessed. Especially over new phone technology.  I want a phone that can do it all, but lets me choose what I want to do and how to do it. That, for me, is not the iPhone. I can’t change the layout of the screen or icons, I can’t use widgets (apps the constantly run on the screen in place of an icon), I can’t store things straight to the memory like I could a flash drive, the list goes on. Enter the Android OS phones. Simply amazing. The software is open-source for the Android OS. What does this mean for everyday people? It means that developers can use anything (both hardware and software) that the phone is capable of and create the most amazing applications! I’ll post some screen shots of how my phone looks before and after a few free applications, the difference is amazing. Enough about the software, Lets Get to the actual hardware. I took the following specifications from PhoneArena. In my opinion, the iPhone (3Gs for this purpose) has been demolished! ***insert Mortal Kombat theme song here***

iPhone 3Gs

Samsung Captivate