I had a brilliant idea for a blog, but i forgot…again. I would be fine with this, except it happens all the time. More and more frequently actually. And not just with the blog, with everything. I feel like I am loosing my short term memory. I play plenty of puzzles and “brain games” to try and help. I try to do things ambidextrously to stimulate the brain cells, but it seems like it’s only getting worse. I forget to eat breakfast/dinner sometimes, I forget to clean, I forget what day I did something less than a week after it happened, I have a hard time keeping track of days, etc… It’s very frustrating, really. On top of that, I am very tired all the time. I’ve been relying on a sip of 5 Hour Energy just about everyday to keep me awake at work. OH! And my headaches! They get so bad sometimes that Excedrin doesn’t work, and I can’t take anything stronger during the week because I have to be coherent at work…It S.U.C.K.S. I had more to rant about, but I already forgot.

What a surprise.

I guess I’ll keep finding better apps for my phone to help me remember things. One of the reasons I prefer my new Android phone (review and iPhone comparison to come), is the ability to put widgets on the screen. I have a phone covered in virtual post-its. I would use real post-its, but I lose paper. Anyways…

AH! I remembered the rest of my complaints!

It’s like magic!

Lets continue the list, shall we? My muscles will (at random times, with no apparent pattern) feel like jelly. Like they just don’t exist. It’s only for a few second, but still…dang it isn’t fun. I’m also VERY tired. All. The. Time. Blah. And lastly, my anti-social-ness is getting worse rather than better (I think). It’s not like I get out much to find out, but yeah…That’s it for my complaining. If you read all of this, wow…you = amazing.

<3 Heather aka Chii aka Zev aka whoever I feel like being ;)