My Scarborough Faire persona Dame Isabel Chapman of His Majesties Royal Guarde

So far we have missed 2 of 8 weekends. Bummer. This Saturday, we will only make it 1/2 the day. Better than nothing, but still a bummer. Toney’s work schedule this year has him working every Saturday, other than the 1st Saturday of the month, 7AM-1PM. Looks like we will be missing quite a bit this year 😦 On top of that when we do make it out there, I have a hard time surviving the whole day without being in pain. Darn corsets. My body doesn’t like being properly aligned, and thats what the corsets do to my hips and back. It’s ok though, I have a new costume I am working on throwing together! No corset involved 😀 Want a hint? It involves fangs, and glitter…A Twilight original character. A spoof of sorts. Pretty much making fun of all the emo girls who dress in black 24/7 and fawn over images of Edward (played by Robert Pattinson in the movies). I’ll post a picture after this weekend. The only thing I am missing is red contacts, but I doubt I will have them by this weekend. I think next weekend I will be a ninja and run around tormenting pirates 😀