Remember my post about getting my tattoo finished after being forever with it looking bad? I edited it to reflect my (yet again) bad tattoo experience. Read it HERE. I also wrote an email to the owner of the shop to complain. Something I NEVER do, if that is any indication of how displeased I was. I apologize for the language, it’s as close as I get to swearing these days. Heres the email:


I just wanted to take a moment to tell you how dissatisfied we are with Al. He is completely unprofessional, and to be honest he is a douche. Not only did he miss our first consultation appointment, he wasn’t there for our second sitting on my husbands tattoo. When we did show up later that night to have it finished (and to have mine touched up for splotchy color), he rushed through Toney’s and told us to come back in an hour and a half to fix up mine (we left at 7PM). We went to dinner and came back around 8:15/8:30. His appointment he was working on decided she wanted a larger piece and so he took that rather than asking us if we minded waiting. 11PM a group of kids came in from a Stars game (he was ALMOST done with his appointment) wanting a tattoo. He pulled me aside and asked me to come back “tomorrow” because “he’s offering me cash, and I don’t want to turn him away and send him down the street”. And of course the entire time we were there for both appointments with him, he kept bashing my husbands lack of pain tolerance as well as his choice in motorcycles. He is an egotistic douche-bag. Rather than coming back to him for touch-ups (with cheap ink nonetheless), we will be paying a great artist in Dallas $150 an hour for quality work. I think this goes without saying, but we WILL NOT be sending referrals to him, or InkLab in general, as long as he is employed there.