Being sick this time around has actually been a blessing for me. No, really! I have been sick for 1 week now (the longest I can recall in my life), at this point I have no voice. I can get out a bit of a whisper, but that isn’t exactly helpful in everyday life. I mean it’s not like my lips are pressed up against every persons ear (that would be creepy and gross). So what is one to do without the ability to speak, you might ask? Why, IMPROVISE! That’s what!

Toney and I have been slowly learning ASL (American Sign Language) for a while now, and this definately put my butt in gear. What else do you do with 8-10 hours a day that is normally spent at work? I have gotten much better at retaining the signs I need, partially due to the mass amount of studying. Want to know what the other part was? Hmm? Do Ya? I’ll give you a hint… starts with pr and ends in -ayer. Yup. I asked Heavenly Father for help learning so that I could at least communicate with my husband, AND IT WORKED! Ya know what else? A lot of signs are fairly straight forward. So if you mouth what you are signing, most people can catch a word here and there.

Pretty awesome, right? I thought so.