So, I went home from work early on Monday. Just normal sick feelings. You know; sneezing, coughing, nausea, etc… I wasn’t able to get a doc appointment until Tuesday morning. I guess Cairo could tell there was something wrong before I could. Normally (even when my allergies act up) he’s very hyper, and like all amazons, can be nippy. Also, he is normally content to sit on his perch and sing and talk to us. He absolutely REFUSED to stay put Monday night and Tuesday (Today he has spent most of the day in his cage foraging while I nap and stuff). Anyways…He kept taking flying leaps off of his perches and play-gyms to get to the couch where I was, and just sit. That was it. No eating my earrings or fingers, no screaming his made up songs at the top of his birdy lungs, nothing…he just sat. He fluffed up and let me preen and rub him all night and day. It was the sweetest thing ever, especially considering his normal personality.