Let me start with a small disclaimer: Any and all opinions are solely mine. I have run though 8 iPhones and 6 Macs. I love Apple and how innovative they can be in regards to their technology.

Yesterday night around 6:30PM, I dragged my cousin (Vahn aka David) up to the Apple store with me to test the iPad. First of all (thankfully) when we arrived, there was no line formed outside of the store. There was however, only 1 table with display iPads. So…we waited…for about 15 minutes. Not that bad of a wait really, considering it was launch day 🙂 My first impression upon seeing it? Wow, that’s one sexy piece of hardware! It’s very sleek (as if Apple would put out anything that isn’t). It’s also a refreshing change from the iPhone and iTouch that you can have a wallpaper behind the apps without a jailbreak. The A4 chip makes it’s performance very snappy, though the lack of multitasking could add to the performance as well. The weight wasn’t bad at all, very light though a bit unnerving at times in the hands of someone as clumsy as myself (If it’s not well weighted, I tend to drop it). I love how they re-did the Contacts/iPod/Photos interface for the iPad, much nicer than the iPhone/iTouch. The normal long-press to move apps on the screen doesn’t work for the ipad, which I admit was a tad bit frustrating for a long time iPhone user. The iBooks is fantastic, and almost feels like you are turning the page of a real book. For people who read an extensive amount (like me) I think the e-ink of the Kindle would be better on the eyes (the Kindle is also cheaper, and has a better battery if you only need an e-reader). It’s supposed to be synced via computer like a normal iPod, somewhat defeating the purpose of buying something so large. Lack of a USB connection to upload photos from a camera or thumb drive makes it a resounding NO for me as well.I think if the second generation iPad may have improvements making it worthwhile, but as it stands, the iPad is not something my family and I would use enough to justify the cost. Sorry Apple.