I feel like I’ve been neglecting this blog 😦 It’s only been a few days, but still…it’s the principal of the matter. Just kidding..kind of.. 😀
After a year of waiting, I FINALLY got my tattoo fixed and finished. The guy who started it, I found on craigslist.org . I traded him a TV (I had no money) to get a tattoo of my birds feather. He did a half-done, crayon looking blob and said we would do a 2nd sitting to finish it “so the color can be perfect, since you can always add but not remove.” I tried calling, emailing, and facebooking him over the next few months to no avail. I even called the shop, but evidently he was fired. (His name is Ralph Heatley II or III and email is tat2ralph@yahoo.com avoid any work offered by him).
I was just browsing Google for local tattoo shops, when I came across Ink Lab (www.inklab.biz). They are fantastic! Al drew it out on my arm, and inked it on the spot…for $100! For those of you who are not familiar with tattoos, that is incredibly cheap for full color and 3/4 the size of my forearm. And his work is beautiful crap!(I should have known when he said $100 that it would suck) Really nice RUDE guy too. He is egotistic, and did I mention rude? He missed both of our appointments, then rescheduled, then blew us off AGAIN.

Anyways, it’s finally done still not done. It was painful, but If I’m going to live with something on me my whole life, then I may as well like it right and a waste of my time, as now I have to find YET ANOTHER person to repair the damage. This is what I get for getting a tattoo in the first place.

Remember people-our bodies are temples, and Heavenly Father doesn’t want them defaced. I wish I had learned this before getting bad ink. Twice.

After it healed