I really wonder about people sometimes. I wonder what everyone would be like if they had the gospel in their lives. I wonder if they would still make the bad choices that they make without it. I wonder if the children would still act out. I especially wonder about how my family would be.

I am the only Mormon person on my side of our family. None of my family really goes to church, aside from my sister visiting different churches with her friends on occasion. My sister. The one person I REALLY worry about. The one person, sadly, who may not outlive me. The path she’s on is leading her down a path much worse than the one I traveled before meeting Toney, and at a much younger age.  She’s 14, and has been in and out of about 10 mental institutions. She’s tried to poison my grandma, and attacked my semi-handicapped mom with a knife (Mom has Fibromyalgia, and is in constant pain). She won’t listen to what anyone has to say. She worries me.

Which brings me back to my original thought. I wonder what she (and everyone else in the world) would be like with the gospel in their lives.