We live in such an awesome time. Can anyone (21 and under) remember life without technology? I can, but just barely. I remember when the internet was introduced mainstream. How many of my peers can say that? (I also remember seeing gas for less than $1/gal, but that’s another story for another time)

My point is, most people now couldn’t live without technology. Seriously. How many of you could survive a month on an Amish farm? Or even a week? No cell phone, no computer, no tv… I certainly would be miserable.

As a society, we have become dependent on technology. How often do you see someone pull out their phone/calculator to do simple math? I am guilty of this even, and I was doing college algebra in my head by 6th grade. Sad? Yes.

But advances in technology have made so many “miracles” possible. What about in the medical field? Or my personal favorite at the moment-genealogy. It is so easy to find everything you need in a digital world! I guess that what started this post. Allow me to explain.

I have recently gotten into genealogy, and just bought a netbook last night so I can do it on the go. But what if I had been doing this 20 years ago? Or even 10 years? I certainly wouldn’t be doing all my searching from a computer. I would be calling people, calling counties and states for records. I would have 10 boxes of papers and files at minimum! Instead I get to sit at home, or in the Family History Center at church, nice and comfy. Soda in one hand, mouse in the other. Just clicking away. “Is this person related to me? Hmm.. I don’t know. Let’s just save the file to be safe.” *insert clicky noises here* And voila! Information on 300 people stored on a gadget small enough that I wear it as a necklace. (Yes, that was really how I spent a part of my weekend).

As wonderful as it is to have these modern day conveniences, I wonder if I would be as interested in the world if it was tech-free… Just thinking out loud 🙂