You can’t have just one (thus why we have 3). Izzy is doing better at her freeflying, she flys longer and lands only on Toney (video here). Zeke is eating seed still and he is now refusing pellets again, though he will still eat warm foods and mash. Cairo has been re-trained to step up on command almost every time, I’m glad I did something before it was too late 🙂 All 3 fids are doing great.

Had a great early Valentines this past weekend (since Toney works Valentines weekend). Saw 2 great movies, got a pearl bracelet and shiny CZ necklace and gave Toney his present (Tungsten and Carbon Fiber bracelet). Had pizza and sparkling cider Sunday 😀 Very fun overall.

Scarborough is also coming up very quickly, and we are getting all our stuff together. Ordered our season passes, Toney’s boots, my corset, and also got me a new pair of boots from Burlington Coat Factory on sale and a bull whip for a light weight weapon 🙂

Looks like we may be going to the North Texas Irish Festival in March, seeing as they allow animals in. I think the birds would enjoy a nice day out with a bunch of people gawking at them 😀