Zeke is a seed addict. He refuses pellets and most veggies and fruits (except apple) unless he has had nothing else available all day. Well, when I heard Beak Appetit went out of business I decided to buy all I could find at local stores for Cairo and Izzy. Izzy wouldn’t touch it, Cairo pigged out, and Zeke actually ate it!

Let me explain a bit why i am so excited Zeke is a picky boy, especially if he doesn’t get seed first. And he is a very dainty eater who refuses to get messy (even with mac n cheese). So imagine my surprise when I looked at him and his WHOLE beak was covered in the Beak Appetit and he hardly came up for air! I have finally found him a nutritious food source that he doesn’t refuse! Now to try and buy up all that is left in the USA lol.

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