Homemade toys are the best. They are far less expensive than store bought toys, and our fids (feathered kids) seem to enjoy them more.

Example: in the picture above Zeke is ripping apart a box. I took three boxes, cleaned them, and poked holes and zip-tied them together. You can’t seen inside, but he has made a giant hole from inside the top box on the middle box’s top. I’ll try to get a photo of that later with a better camera.

Here’s a list of other household items and small things we have used as toys:
Phone books (on the cage floor for Zeke or hung on a toy chain for Cairo).
Cereal boxes (empty) filled with treats, toys, and stuffed with paper.
A spoon with a smidge of peanut butter and dipped in seed for an occasional treat.
Bits of old toys strung together with untreated wood from a craft store.
Cover a small metal bucket with a few sheets of paper and zip-tie it shut, make sure there are goodies inside 🙂

The possibilities are endless.

So what does everyone else do for toys?

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