Some more info on Chico and his cage after closer inspection:
His toenails are overgrown
His feet are raw on the bottom from being on the same round perch for 12 years
The perch was covered in about 6 months worth of poo (now spotless)
The cage isn’t much larger than cairo’s travel cage
The cage is rusty
He has 3 toys-a rusty bell and a old piece of lava rock and a chunk of something
He has been fed seed from walmart
His tail is broken in spots and very ratty from the tiny cage

When he woke up this morning he made all kinds of coos and happy noises (he was silent last night after being dropped off). I think we are keeping him even if we can’t touch him ever. I know with us he will be cared for, and I jus don’t trust other people to give him the care he deserves after such a rotten life.

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