Well, Cairo is picking at his feet again. And now there is also a discolored bump on top of a toe and raw looking spots on the bottoms. The big worry is that it seem to be both feet this time instead of just the right one. We’ve been keeping the humidifier on since it fixed it last time, but no such luck this time. I have made an appointment for 9AM with our local avian vet tomorrow, so we shall see how it goes.

In other parrot related news, zeke let me mess with his feet yesterday 🙂 which is a first. He’s progressing well, I rarely need to step him up with a stick now. Zeke is also more used to the stroller and only freaks out going over bumpy ground.

Izzy is fine, nothing really new with her. She’s getting a bit clearer with her speach, and said “Cairo” (we think) for the first time this morning. She still doesn’t like her veggies too much, but we are trying.

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