Well, we did it. We took Izabo to a Ren Faire. She had fun and was definately the center of attention wherever we were. We would have taken Cairo and Zeke too, except they are still petrified of the stroller 😦 It was pretty darn hot out, which did take away from the fun a bit but I would do it again next year if we can.

Unfortunately, it was in the middle of county farms and cottonwood trees. My allergies were less than pleased, and decided to let me know this the rest of the weekend through Sunday night at bedtime.

We stayed at the Faire for a few hours then left to head home and hang out. We being: me, Toney, Mistie, Vahn, and Hana. It was a full house πŸ™‚ Had frito pies and rootbeer floats for dinner mmm.

Twas a great weekend.

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