Cairo flew for the first time on his own!!! He went from his playgym to me on the couch (about 20ft)! I praised that fid so much and he was like “OMG what just happened?!” Yay!

Also, zeke is finally molting and has lost his first clipped wing feather since coming to us in april! Soon he will be flying too I hope 🙂

Went to six flags saturday, i am starting to get used to rollercoasters maybe? it was fun 🙂 One of the gals from the Scarborough Royal guard had extra tickets, so she took us. Thanks, Lauren 😀

I got a pair of toe shoes for excercise, and I looove them ( I recommend them for everyone! Especially if you walk, run, rockclimb, or do any activity at all.

Got tired of Apple’s iPhone restrictions and wanted to use a better phone. I rather dislike windows in all forms, Palm OS is worse than windows, and Crackberrys are nothing but problems. So i decided to go to the Android platform on the G1 (unlocked to at&t of course) and it is wonderful. More feaures are accessible, the phone is less expensive, and most of the apps are free! Also got a 30GB iPod to use for my music and movies and as a flash drive since it was cheaper than a memory card for the phone.

❤ Heather & the zoo