So, yesterday all of us piled into the car to go to the bird store.
Cairos travel cage sits in my lap up front and izabo and zeke have
their travel cages in the back seat. About 10 minutes from the bird
store (15 min away from home) we hear izzy screech loudly and when I
turned around, there was blood everywhere! Cut across 3 lanes of
traffic into a gas station to figure out what happened and if we could
stop the blood. It was coming out of her mouth, in rather large
amounts. We got her back in the car and headed towards our vet, who
when I called we found out was closed. (very thankful for my iPhone at
this point and I will ALWAYS have one as longs as I have birds) I
pulled out my phone and searched for vets near us, the only place open
was an ER vet. Luckily they were only 7ish miles up the street we were
on and work closely with our normal vet…and they had someone on
staff who works with exotics and owns a macaw herself 🙂 I called and
let them know what was going on so they would be ready, and pulled in
about 5 minutes later (7 miles and the speed limit was 40…we were
speeding just a bit and ran a red light /: ) Brought Izzy in covered
in blood and they already had a spot set up for her! I love these
people! 2 hours and $300 later, izzy is fine. She had aparently stuck
her beak into zekes cage one too may times and he bit her tongue! I
didn’t think there was enough space for that, but they proved me
wrong. Izzys tongue was cauterized and she’s her playful normal self
now. Please let this be a warning to anyone with multiple birds, you
can never be too cautious. I never in a million years would have
thought this could happen to us. I thank the lord that we live so
close to a vet, let alone one that is open 24/7-and for GPS with
google maps.

That was our weekend in a nutshell.